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Lionheart - The Protomen

This place has been forgotten
A relic of the road
And now I’m on my own

It seems I was only dreaming
Of a life that never ends
Saying goodbye is the hardest part
So farewell my friends

We shall be reminded
Of adventures that we shared
While the storm rages around us
And the wind begins to tear

Down the door
Down the door
We will never know if there was more

Give me one last morning
With a sword still in my hand
And I’ll slay all them giants
Save the princess from this land

But I am not your Lionheart
I am just a fool
Who made believe I was a king
But forgot I had to rule

Through all the darken storm
Chasing the setting sun
But I am ashamed of what I’ve become

This time I fear we’ve gone too far
This time I know they’ve won.

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